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Real Estate Information for Buyers:
The Home Inspection

Even if you are an inspector yourself, you should hire a professional home inspector to look at the house you’d like to buy. Plan on being with the inspector during the inspection process. That way, you can ask questions and get immediate answers. Plus, you can review the inspector’s report and ask the inspector in person any additional questions you may have.

Once you found a home to purchase, let your agent know you want to make an offer. Your agent will contact the seller’s listing agent and relate back to you items such as terms regarding the sale, multiple offers, date for possession, etc. From there, you and your agent, based on the asking price and surrounding market, determine a price you want to consider for the home. Your offer will be presented in writing and will be accompanied by a check for earnest money to show "good faith."

Your agent will walk through every detail of the contract with you and explain each of the terms and conditions. The offer will include items such as the amount you would like to pay; the inspection; the appraisal deadline; the loan approval date; the closing and occupancy dates, and any contingencies, such as the sale of your current residence.

The seller may not accept your first proposal. Don’t worry. Negotiations between the professionals will continue if you still desire the home and the seller still wants to sell. Negotiations should result in both parties agreeing on the terms of the transaction.

Once you and seller have agreed on the terms, the mortgage process gets underway. Title insurance is ordered, inspections completed and the sales contract finalized. The contract is then reviewed by you and the seller, and signed by both parties.

Just before closing (either the day of or before), you and your agent (who will have already confirmed an appointment with the seller) will take a final “walk-through” or inspection of the home. This is your time to make sure agreed upon features, amenities and other extras are there, and that repairs, if any, were made. That is, ensure that contingencies, if any, were upheld.