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Population (year 2000):
12,300 P
Median Age 44 yrs
County: Essex
Land area: 4.3 sq miles
Median income:$78,863
Why Have Your Home Appraised?
If you are considering selling your home, an appraisal is for a variety of purposes.
First of all, it is needed for insurance purposes. If you are trying to get as much coverage on your property as you can, you will want to aim for a higher home appraisal. If you want to lower your insurance payments, you may want to attempt to lower the value of your home.

Adding an addition is one of the most definite ways of increasing your home’s value. Other large improvements include updating your kitchen and bathrooms. Not all improvements have to be large ones though. Even just replacing your kitchen counter tops with new ones can heighten value. Fresh landscaping and clearing your property (weeding, pruning trees, repairing cracks on the stairs or replacing your railing) may be some easiest improvements that make a large impact.

For more ideas on how to improve your home's value, talk to you agent. He or she will help you take the right steps toward getting the asking price you're hoping for.

However, keep in mind, even if you aren't selling your home right now, an appraisal is the best way of how finding out how your home’s value has appreciated over the years!