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Real Estate Information for Sellers:
Home Improvements

Home Improvements
Undertaking a major project may or may not be in your best interests as a home seller. That is, the improvements may cost more money that you can recoup or they may turn away a prospective buyer.
That said, here’s a look at which home improvements buyers look for and those that consistently have the best return on investment:

Remodeled kitchens are a big winner. A simple remodel can take your home from on the market to off better than any other improvement to your home.

Remember curb appeal? A well-trimmed, manicured lawn and colorful plants and garden is a special. The return here is second only to a remodeled kitchen.

Sitting around a fireplace and enjoying a fire with family and friends is important and most buyers will greatly appreciate this additional feature.

Additional Bathroom
Whether the house has one, two or even three existing bathroom, having one more can make the difference to many a discriminating buyer.

Home Office
With more and more professionals working from home or tele-commuting, this extra room will add that extra "something" to your house.

Master Suite Addition
Many people today enjoy the comforts of a larger bedroom but beware of the considerable cost. It may make more sense to combine existing rooms or spaces.

Like the fireplace, a deck will add an ambiance most buyers will enjoy and relish for many years.

Exterior Paint
Your home will most definitely look better but a dollar-for-dollar return on your investment is unlikely.

New Doors and Windows/Insulation
Energy efficiency is a big plus for today’s environmentally-conscious consumer. While it will help the sale new doors and windows will not significantly increase the sale price of your home.

Swimming Pool & the Skylight
These two items are perhaps the most debated amongst the experts on whether or not they add value to your home. It’s a toss-up.

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