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Real Estate Information for Sellers:
Protect your Privacy & Security

You have life—a personal one and a professional one. Your agent will let you live both of them, alleviating any undue stress or concern about the home sale by acting as your partner in the complex real estate transaction. Some examples of what an agent should do for you as a seller:

  • Screen potential buyers, making sure they are serious inquiries and not potential “busy bodies.”
  • Handle those “pesky” phone calls, schedule appointments and show your house at times that meet your schedule, not theirs.
  • Ensure the buyer has the annual income and employment history necessary and down payment and closing cost money to finance and buy your home. And, make certain the buyer provides you with enough time to select—and move into—your next residence.
  • Discuss and make recommendations regarding any contingency on the sale of your home. A contingency is a condition on the sale put into the contract by either the buyer or seller. Contingencies can be removed by an addendum to the contract, or they can expire if a time limit is specified in the contract.
  • Accept, on your behalf and with your consent, all offers and counter-offers and contracts made in writing. He/she will recommend if you should accept the offer or make a counter proposal. The agent will help guide the process so acceptable terms are reached for all parties involved.
  • Be there for you up until the parties involved sign on the dotted line and transfer of ownership of your house to the buyer is completed.